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Written By Nita Marlina on Tuesday | 02:48

The Unsent Poem

Favorite song plays in the background
Every lyric reminding me of you
Conversations running through my head
So many things that I wish you knew

Everytime that you brought me happiness
I just never quite knew what to say
I was afraid to say the wrong thing
Thinking it would make you go away

Every night I did the same old thing
I wrote poem after poem on my bed
I love you written a hundred ways
Because of fear, they were never said

The stack of poems stands tall
Not one ever making it to you
You simply walked away from me
And a love that you never knew

If only I would have taken a chance
I know that you would still be here
At night I still write you many poems
Only now the ink is mixed with tears

by Brandon
posted on 12/03/2008

My Heart Beat
© By Wesley Bullock

The sound of my heart beat is racing 
I always thinking of you pacing into my arms let me hold you tight only thing 
I want from you is to smile cause your smile is bright as the sunlight i might have been fallen into your love i can see at top nobody else above it 
I will search high or low just see you and hear you talk never have no fear i'm never gonna break your heart I know we can't be rushing it feels like my heart is gushing out my chest 
I just wanna say pick me and i can do better for than the rest i can show you whos the best my heart is racing more im still waiting you pace into my arms if you wanna hear them three words 
I love you if thats the case

Tomorrow,if It Comes.......
© By HollyG Neely

tomorrow,if I die,what did I have that showed my life had meaning?
daddy's drunk, mom's crying, sister's dying,and I'm too weak to start screaming,
so many people affected my life that I'm no longer the one who lives it,
I have no point in life,cause I think there is no point in life, why is god making me live this?
tomorrow, if I cry, who do I have to wipe my tears?
broken apart by all the "I don't want to ever remember" years
so many people broke my heart, not so many came to mend it,
only use for people's hand were to hit me, but never just to lend it,

and you wonder why I sometimes tend to keep my head straight down,
wonder why I sometimes tend to feel so lost even when I'm found,
and you wonder why I sometimes feel like I should just live life high,
wonder why I sometimes feel like throwing two middle fingers to the sky,

so tomorrow, if I die, my life didn't really have a meaning,
and tomorrow, if I cry, down my face the tears will keep streaming
even though I have a painful life,I'll stay strong, is what I say
and tomorrow, if it comes, might take this pain away,
no matter what, I still have control to how my future goes,
it's my life, my way, that's the one thing that I know,
and tomorrow, if it comes, might take this pain away,
because tomorrow, as we know, IS a brand new day

You Are My Everything
© By Powell

When I went to bed last night, my last thought was of you.
When I woke up this morning, my first thought was of you.
You are my everything; my sun, my stars, my sky.
You are my everything... and this is the reason why:

For when we met it was fate, fate from the soul within.
For when we met it was choice, choice to be your friend.
For when we first laughed together, I knew it was meant to be.
For when I fell in love, I knew you had fallen in love with me.

You are my everything, my breath belongs to you.
You are my everything, hold these words to be true.
You are my everything and
I'll always love you...
and whats more
I know you'll always love me too.

My Promise
© By StephenA Davis

I understand that you've been hurt in the
past, and this is my promise to you that
i will never be like your last.......

But instead your first and only, first one
that you were with that didn't leave you
cold and lonely..........

First one that you were with that has no
intentions of doing you wrong, thought
you had forgotten how to love because
its been so long......

Well i'm here to change all of that, and
bring the love and joy back.....

To a girl broken hearted, and to finish
what they started.....

To show her what being in love is really
all about, so she can finally have something
to laugh and smile about......

When i first met you i knew that you were
looking for a fresh start, looking for someone
here to stay who wont run off and leave
with your heart.......

Well i'm here now to love you unconditionally,
right here by your side and thats where i will
always be, I promise......

A Fighter For Love Without Love
© By Jeremiah Ray

I'm a lover not a fighter
but doesn't a lover fight for love?
should I resign thoughts that aren't sane
Then what should I shall then become?
I'm a man of decency, I love the thought of love
and everything in between that leads to love
and more or less the fact it can exist
try not to give up on me, 'cause God knows
I'm so lost in space
I can change, I can be better
I will change, I will be better
I have confidence now that I used to lack
Give me a doubt and I'll turn it
right around on it's back
I was so oblivious to everything
It surrounded me
I used to think life was all about me
I hate my old selfish ways
but now I can see
I deserve love, I can be loved. I will be loved. I am Loved.
..But do I want to be? .... yet?
I'm so young, and so naive, I admit I'm not
the smartest, but I'm one of the more wiser
I'm lonely but I'm not alone
I'm tired but I won't retire
I'm all that is that I want to be
But not entirely satisfied
Until I have a partner
I'm just a piece
inside of the puzzle
Just a baby blue Robbin
waiting on it's mother
Just a space without a corner
a car without a driver
This can not be untrue
I am true, don't believe in defeat
'cause love's all there is left in me.

If I, Should I?
by williambrown

If i climb starways to heaven, will I miss out the stars?
If I just lay right here, who's to stop the cars?
If I meet with your skin, who will see my scars?
Is this really my cage, when I can see no bars?

Should I take the first step, or should I sit and wait?
Should I turn towards, or quicken up my gait?
Should I question why, or accept it as my fate?
Is the time now right, or is it far too late?

Tears Behind My Eyes
by Tegar

When you look into my eyes they may seem to be empty,
My eyes are full of tears, although you don't see any.

So many times my heart has been filled with pain,
And deep behind my eyes are pockets of tears that are ready to fall like rain.

I know at times I may appear to be tough,
but sometimes to bear the pain and heartache can be too much.

Sometimes I try and hide the tears that I cried just last night,
Tears that soaked my pillow wet long past mornings first light.

I know how it feels to be pushed away by someone you love,
I'm not afraid to admit my tears because I know that there's a far greater love, one that comes from above.

Happiness too will be mine, so until then I'll keep my my head up and eyes towards the skies,
And never allowing anyone to see the tears hidden behind my eyes.

Old Fashion, still
by Glassless

You broke your watch and you went still,
and the sidewalks weren't very gentle.
Stepped a little over ten pills
think that you might be going mental.
'Cause you think you are running away now
thinking you got away now
from those memories, in all of those nights
That's when things were all electric,
remembering why you weren't dead
And that's when it all whirled apart.

Never really ever had much,
Always wrote down in pencil,
But never ever erased still
'Cause you always had things memorized
from the day you were dreaming of it all
From last fall to the next winter,
Never really had anyone to call

Remember when things were read 'til?
Always thought you had some common nice class
when times were all getting feverish so fast
you thought they were all sentimental
but as the murks of all men steels,
Never notice how florescent they really were
Always thinking you never needed a cure.
But you never really bit, no,
Perhaps things would deal well

In your dreams, several of them remained
Never had you in featured at all
And did you know? Oh no.

Could you ever walk without heels?
Always grasping to the curb's vines
falling besides the Grey's mind
maybe you should not have used a pencil,
knowing that it could be fatal.
Lots in common with your night dress
always kept on top of paper watches
left alone with little tuxedos
Tearing up as some gentlemen left you.
Holding up this trivial crisis as you had long ago.

In your dreams, how many of those He-Man
ever held you in their free hands?
And didn't you wish, you could be one.
One of those, those who never let go.

Forever Broken

I was once broken,
Like an old toy that could never be fixed.
For I was destroyed.
My whole life was nothing but a pile of shattered glass,
Until I found you,
For your love put me back together.
You were my world,
My everything.
I loved you,
For I had found the one with the power to mend my broken heart.
At least thats what I thought till you let go.
I then realized I cannot be loved,
For if you will not love me and want me,
No one will.
Therefore I am,
Forever broken.

The HeartBreaker - Giving Up Hope.
by EmoAnimeGirl

You’ve torn me apart, ripped my heart to shreds.
I've become more fragile, than pencil leads.

I’ve fought long and hard, for you to be mine,
When you said you loved her, I acted all fine.

I blew off everything I ever had, for you. Pity you never did the same.
You lied, I cried, you only wanted fame.

Although you put me through all of that, I will never take back what I said.
I love you now, Always will, No matter what.

If we ever had the chance,
This would have meant a lot…
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